KFAB – A Nebraska man is accused of impersonating a funeral director in an attempt to retrieve the engagement rings he gave his fiance. Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood says 58-year-old Terry Kurtzhals impersonated a funeral director about two weeks ago to collect jewelry from a deceased woman. The funeral home’s owner, Rod Rozanek, called police after Kurzhals showed up wearing a funeral director name tag and claiming to represent the woman’s family. Flood says Kurtshals used to be a licensed mortician for 17 years, but he lost his license in 1996 and went to prison for theft for mishandling clients’ money. Someone else reported Kurtshals voted illegally on election day. He wasn’t eligible because of his criminal record. Kurzhals is also facing shoplifting and driving on a suspended license charges.


Tough call here. On the one hand it’s always creepy when you impersonate a funeral director to rob jewelry off a dead broad. That’s gonna get you labeled a weirdo almost 100% of the time. But on the other hand, the ring is just gonna get buried in the ground. It’s not gonna do much good down there. Plus, they weren’t technically married yet, so this chick dying is basically equivalent to the wedding getting called off before it happens. In that case, isn’t customary for the would’ve-been-bride to give the would’ve-been-groom all his possessions back, including the engagement ring? I’d assume so. Just put yourself in this guy’s position. He spends 3 months salary on an engagement ring only to have the woman who’s wearing it drop dead. Not his fault. So why should he now lose that 3 months salary if he can’t even be with the chick he spent it on? Just a tough situation all around for Terry Kurtzhals. One thing I do know is that his would’ve been in-laws won’t be driving out to his nonexistent house in the Hamptons anytime soon.