Eater - A man has been banned from every single McDonald’s in both England and Wales after he was caught spying on women in the restroom at a Birmingham location. That is 1,200 McDonald’s Sukhbir Singh is not allowed to enter. According to the Daily Mail, Singh is “the first pervert” to be banned wholesale from the country’s McDonald’s. He was arrested during a traffic stop after police acquired his photo from surveillance tapes at the restaurant. Singh was found guilty, and owes community service, court fees and £50 (about $80) to each person he spied on. In case you are wondering what happens when you’re banned from an entire chain of restaurants, McDonald’s staff across England and Wales will receive Singh’s photo as well as “training to recognise him.” Presumably he’d be the one spying on people in the bathroom? Just a guess.

You have to be a real sicko to spy on chicks in a McDonald’s. Fucking gross man. Who in their right mind would do that? I mean everybody knows that if you’re going to spy on girls pissing then you do it at Starbucks. It’s just common sense. The crowd at McDonald’s is a bunch of gross bitches stuffing their faces with greasy burgers and fries. Needless to say a smoke in that crowd is going to be few and far between. But at Starbucks you have college chicks and business professionals and soccer moms coming in and out all day. It’s the place to be and pee for your hot women. So getting banned from every McDonald’s in England is probably the best thing for you. Now it’s time to reconsider your strategy, stop peeping in the gutter and start peeping where the high class hoes be at. Clean it up man. Fucking McDonald’s? You couldn’t get me drunk enough to look under a stall door at that place.