Yahoo – The never-ending rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox added a strange new chapter on Tuesday afternoon and I still can’t bring myself to believe that it really happened.Hours before he was set to start a game against the Baltimore Orioles, Boston pitcher Erik Bedard(notes) was served papers at Fenway Park as part of an ongoing child support dispute with an ex-girlfriend.What made a routine legal process of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court noteworthy and weird, however, was the man delivering the documents. Not only did lifelong fan Tom Cabral proudly wear a Yankees shirt for his meeting with Bedard, he also bragged on his public Facebook wall that his timing was intentional as Bedard would be pitching later that day in a key game for the AL wild card chase.

Is this a typical scumbag Yankee fan or what? Bragging that he somehow made Bedacky suck last night. Yeah bro I’m sure you serving papers in a Yankees shirt really fucked with his head. Had nothing to do with the fact he sucks dick and JJ Redick dropped a line drive in RF. Nope it was all you and your obnoxious NY attitude. Seriously get over yourself bro. I mean taking credit for Bedard having a bad outing is like taking credit for the it getting dark at night. It’s gonna happen no matter what the fuck you do. Seriously what’s next? This guy gonna fuck with Lacky?  No not that!  Don’t fuck with Big Hoss!  He’s in the zone right now!  Man it must be wild to live in a world where everybody is so delusional, self-centered and arrogant. It’s like some sort of weird psych experiment. Not to mention the fact bragging about a child support case and making fun of shit like this is as low as it gets. But I guess when a Yankee fan it’s par for the course.

PS – Apparently the reason Bedacky got served with these papers is because he is making more money now than when he signed his original child support agreement.  Ain’t that some bullshit?  Seems like however much money you make when you have your kid is how much the child support should be for.  Like lock that shit in.   I guess like Roy Hobbs said… Some mistakes we never stop paying for.