PORTSMOUTH (WGME) — The Portsmouth Police Department has an active felony warrant for Adam Anderson for failing to report as a sex offender. Anderson was convicted of two counts of Sexual Assault in October of 2012, which requires him to register as a non-public sex offender for ten years. Anderson was last registered in Dover in December of 2012. Police believe he is staying at different locations in Portsmouth. Police are asking for the public’s help in locating Mr. Anderson. Anderson is described as 4’ tall, 105lbs with blue eyes and a bald head. If you have any information on his whereabouts, you’re asked to contact Portsmouth Police at 603-436-2145.


Close your windows! Lock your doors! Hide the children! There’s a big-headed midget sex offender on the loose! Honestly midgets kinda freak me out in general, so a sexual deviant midget is like double as creepy. Who knows what he’s capable of? He could be hiding in your cupboard right now just waiting to pop out and rape your face off. Well it would probably be more like rape your knee off, but you get what I’m saying. Little bugger could be anywhere. If you live in Portsmouth then I’d suggest finding some high ground and keeping your head on a swivel. Lets just hope that he hasn’t already found a circus to join and skipped town.