RawStory – A 49-year-old Florida woman was arrested last month for exposing her backside to her boyfriend and a teen boy after she attacked them with papayas. A Vero Beach police arrest report published by TCPalm.com on Tuesday showed that when officers responded to the March 10 disturbance, Suzanne Evlarina Wasden met them and her “pants were partway down exposing her buttocks.” “The defendant was very intoxicated,” the report stated. “The defendant had blood on her arms and shirt.” Wasden told police that the skirmish had started when her boyfriend showed up wanting “birthday sex.” Police spoke to a 16-year-old neighbor who said that Wasden had come to his his trailer earlier in the evening “wanting a cigarette and beer.” “When she didn’t [get] one, she started yelling and screaming,” according to the report. The suspect allegedly began hitting the boyfriend and pushed him into some glass. The teen “said that the defendant then started throwing papayas at them.” At that point, Wasden reportedly pulled her jeans down and said, “Kiss my butt.” “That was something that none of us wanted to see,” the teen explained to police.


Look at that mugshot. Just look at it. That’s the “I regret nothing” face. You think Suzanne Evlarina would do things differently next time? Think she wouldn’t start hucking papayas and beating her boyfriend and telling 16 year olds to kiss her ass? Hell no. That’s exactly how she wanted it to go down. No fucks given and no shit taken is her motto. Give her beer and cigarettes or it’s gonna be trouble. Stop demanding she fuck you on your birthday or it’s gonna be trouble. Don’t upset her or the whole trailer park gets an eye full of her asshole. That’s just how she operates. Things happen on Suzanne Evlarina’s terms, not yours. Remember that or pay the price.