(TSG)Sandra Mays, 52, got into a verbal argument with her daughter inside their Dallas home late last night, according to a Dallas Police Department report. The “major disturbance” was triggered by the discarded tampon. The Texas woman, 35, was arrested last night for aggravated assault after she grabbed a kitchen knife and charged at her mother, who had upbraided her for “leaving a bloody tampon on the bathroom counter top,” cops allege. Sandra Mays told cops that, fearing for her life, she ran to a back bedroom and locked the door. Sandra (identified as “comp,” for “complainant”) added that Yakia sought to break the door down. While doing this, she remaked, “Bitch, I am going to stab you in the middle of your fucking forehead.”

At first I almost sided with the mom here. I’m a guy. I think bloody tampons are probably the most disgusting things on the planet. But when I thought about it a little more I realized a woman complaining about tampons is like a dude complaining about farts or shits. Shut the fuck up you pussy. No one likes that guy who makes a huge deal out of the car smelling and frantically trying to roll the windows. Huge pussy. So yea maybe Yakia Mays shouldn’t have left her sloughed off uterine wall on the counter top but if I forgot to flush or something and my buddy ran out of the bathroom losing his mind I’d probably chase him down the hall and Shining his ass too. When you’re a dude farts are funny. When you’re a chick periods are funny. Laws of nature.