TSG – A Florida woman is jailed on a felony battery on a law enforcement officer charge after she allegedly kissed a cop on the nose. Peggy Hill, 62, was arrested late Saturday evening outside her Bradenton residence by Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies who had arrived at the home in response to a call about a dispute between Hill and a neighbor about a fence between their properties. As Hill was conversing with Sergeant Randy Lamb, “she approached him and kissed him on his nose against his will.” Lamb, an 18-year veteran, stepped away from Hill and “wiped off the saliva from his nose,” according to an arrest report. With the help of another deputy, Lamb “gently” took Hill to the ground and handcuffed her. In a post-arrest interview, Hill said that Lamb “was being aggressive towards her,” and that “the thought just popped in her head to kiss him on his nose, so she kissed him on his nose.” Hill told deputies that she had consumed “about 3 glasses of wine” before deputies arrived at her home.


What a shot to this broad’s self esteem, huh? You peck a dude on the nose and next thing you know you’re cuffed and stuffed with a felony charge. You’re literally so hideous that you get jail time for kissing men. That’s how much of a disgusting specimen you are. Because make no mistake about it. If a hot 22 year old chick kisses a cop, that’s fine. Officer probably just laughs it off or maybe tries to parlay it into a blowjob. But when the kisser is a lady that looks like she lures children into her gingerbread house, well then we got problems. If I was that cop, I’d have thrown her in the clink too. Can’t have gross bitches putting their lips on you and getting away with it. Nah. Gross bitches gotta pay.