WTSP – Hooters is well known for its chicken wings, and its ID policy. Anyone who asks for an alcoholic drink has to show ID or they will not be served. Charles Johnson calls the policy specious. He said it lacks real merit. ”I couldn’t find out why they would want to ID me,” said Johnson. Johnson was born 1932. Recently, he was at the Baymeadows Hooters for lunch and said when he ordered a mixed drink the server asked him to show proof of age. He was not flattered. ”I haven’t been asked for ID since I was 35 years old,” said Johnson, “I am 80 years old.” Johnson said when he called for a manager, the manger was told him that is the policy. ”She said ‘I can’t serve you alcohol, everyone has to be ID’d,’” said Johnson.

Look I know a policy is a policy but maybe an exception can be made when the dude without ID looks old enough to die at any minute? Maybe ladies? Can you bend the rules just this once? Like do you think the cops are really gonna bust in the door and shut the place down if you serve this Humpty Dumpty looking motherfucker a mixed drink with his chicken wings? C’mon. Guy doesn’t have that much time left. All he wants to do is ogle young chicks and catch a buzz before the grim reaper shows up. Surely there’s a heart somewhere under those tits? Guess not at this place. Even the manager came out like Marcelino at the bodega in Seinfeld and was like, “even I am not above the policy.” Way to be rational you bimbo.

Honestly Hooters just sucks. Yeah I said it. No wonder their sales are plummeting. When you start chasing away your bread and butter customer – the elderly midday pervert – then you have nobody to blame but yourselves when corporate closes your branch. Gonna have to find another way to pay your way through school. And I hate to break it to you, but the other establishments that require big tits and skimpy clothing are probably gonna have stages and poles and make you to do a lot more than just serve chicken.