ST. PETERSBURG — A former St. Petersburg church leader, convicted two years ago of molesting a young boy, will spend the next 13 years in prison after he was found guilty of violating his probation. Richard O’Toole, 73, was arrested in May after a probation officer, during a routine search of O’Toole’s home, found a pornographic video, a pornographic image on a computer jump drive, and a pornographic sculpture. O’Toole was forbidden from possessing such items as a condition of his sex offender probation.

This confuses me a bit. OK so I get that Dicky O’Toole shouldn’t be allowed near playgrounds and lemonade stands and shit. And obviously he can’t have any kiddy porn lying around. But can child molesters really not have ANY porn at all? Seems a little harsh even for a pedophile, no? Like I’d think that normal, straight adult porn would be helpful in getting rid of those impure thoughts about little boys. Get this dude a Reality Kings password and he’ll be hooked on MILFS in a heartbeat. Never even think about another alter boy again.

Look I’m not defending the guy, just saying that it seems strange that authorities can make perfectly legal porn and pornographic sculptures illegal for him. Who cares what he’s pounding off to in his own home as long as it’s legal. It’s probably the only thing keeping him from scooping up Cub Scouts in his van. Anyway, looks like it’s off to jail for Dick O’Toole. Man, the other prisoners are gonna make fun of his name sooooooo bad. Oh, and probably rape him a lot too.