Need a place to get rich?   Bet US are my boys


Air Force At Oklahoma -16.5

Oklahoma laid an egg in their opener when I had them -50 and they won by like a field goal against Utah State. But they bounced back last week by clobbering FSU. Granted Air Force isn’t an another ACC pussy but I still see the Sooners rolling by at least 3 scores here. Air Force may have a drive or two in the first half but eventually that wishbone attack will get stuffed down their throat.

The Pick – OU – 16.5


Baylor at TCU – 21

TCU beats everybody they play at home by 50. So my math says they cover by 30.

The Pick – TCU




ND at Michigan State – 3.5

The easiest bet for the past decade not only in college football, but in all of sports has been betting against ND. Because somehow there are still fruitcakes like Jerry Thornton who think Tim Brown still plays for the Irish and that they are still relevant. Therefore the line is always skewed in their favor even though they have sucked for 10 straight years now. Like if this was Uconn playing tonight against Michigan State with ND’s roster they’d be 14 pt dogs. But because they wear the gold helmets people somehow think they’ll keep it close. No chance.

The Pick – Michigan State -3.5