So Wednesday Feitelberg announced that he was going to be picking the team for Barstool in this week’s DraftStreet Freeroll. But the kid made a fatal mistake. He went around talking about how his team isn’t going to be that great and blah blah blah. Well fuck that. We don’t employ losers here at Barstool. We don’t just give away our Draftstreet money. You gotta beat us and earn it. So once again El Presidente is going to have to step in and show everybody what the fuck is up. Feitelberg was talking about how I always say that I’m gonna wipe the floor with the competition. Well you’re damn right that’s what’s going to happen. Just went ahead and picked up pretty much the entire #1 ranked NFL offensive battalion. You know what we call that in NFL fantasy land? Fucking straight cash homey.

Most of the “Others” are garbage but ya know what? I couldn’t care less. Fuck that. They’re called “Others” for a reason. You don’t rely on your 7-9 batters to win the game for you. Your studs do. And with Brady, Welker, and Gronk on the roster… you know they’ll put the team on their back. Plus the best feature back in the game? Yup. Guess my only question is: who’s playing for second place?

Oh, and it’s breakout weekend for Ochocinco. That’s my dude. You know he’ll hook me up with at least 20 points.

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