Source – Today’s stabbing spree at the Cy-Fair campus of Lone Star College appears to have brought with it a novel twist on the increasingly familiar formula. An Instagram user claiming to have personally subdued the student responsible for stabbing 15 people at the school posted a photo to his account alleging to show the attacker on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back. “Fuck this mothafucker stabbed 5 people.2 girls in the cheek,” wrote cheesin365. “Everyone ran the other way I said fuck that. Me and this kid got em #lonestarstabbing #fuckthiskid #copsaretooslow” He later followed that up with another photo — a selfie — supposedly showing him re-hydrating in the back of a squad car.


Lotta people giving this kid a hard time for bragging all over social media about this. Not me. Nope, in my mind this is the only move. A complete social media blitzkrieg about how you single handedly stopped a madman, complete with selfies, hashtags, shit talking, etc. Full on hardo mode. You’re a badass and you need to let people know it. What are they just gonna assume that your tough by your actions alone? Don’t think so. Full on cocky ass Twitter and Intagram campaign is a must after you subdue a psycho. It’s an absolute must. I do it after things like eating a sandwich or successfully watching a television show. Now imagine saving a bunch of lives? You catch a stabber and your online nuts need to be flexed x 1000.

You think anyone is gonna dare fuck with your boy Cheesin after today? Not bloody likely. Cheesin FTW!