(Telegraph)Women are smuggled into the cells at Hollesley Bay prison, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, and the use of drugs and mobile telephones is said to be “rife” amongst inmates. Lee Chapman, 34, made the claims when he was sentenced for carrying out six burglaries while on the run from the category D jail. He claimed he absconded because he was unable to cope with the lax regime at the 380-inmate prison, which has sea views and is known to prisoners as ‘Holiday Bay’.

Prison is supposed to help you grow as a person, right? Recognize your mistakes and learn from them? So why put Lee Chapman back in prison? Dude has clearly learned everything he needs to know. He’s realized that when you’re in a certain environment for so long you become accustomed to it. And when that environment is rife with hookers and drugs and cellphones it’s best to get out STAT. I mean what’s a hooker on the outsie, like 100 bucks an hour?  A bag of dope like $75?  How the fuck am I supposed to afford that in Obama’s America with no jobs?  Can’t just buy some pussy and a joint for like 6 cigarettes and the threat of a shiv anymore. And don’t even get me started on cell phones bro.  Only thing that rapes me more than gangs in the prison shower is my fucking iPhone bill. Lee Chapman is the smart guy in this story. He’s seen Shawshank. Knew if he stayed too long he’d get used to this life and be sprinting to the hardware store for some rope and a chair the second he got outside.