Sun- THIS is the sickening moment a man was knocked out cold in an unprovoked attack outside a takeaway – just for being GINGER.¬†Police hunting the attacker have released horrifying footage of the assault after the 23-year-old victim suffered a broken jaw.¬†Beaten Alex Kosuth-Phillips had been out celebrating his birthday with his girlfriend Tamzin Reilly, 20, when he was set upon.¬†His injuries were so severe, he was forced to live on a diet of coleslaw for three months.¬†And Alex needed two metal plates inserted to hold his head together, following the attack outside a pizza joint in Birmingham city centre.¬†CCTV footage shows the victim backing away from his attacker – before the thug pulls back his arm and smashes him square in the face.¬†Victim Alex claims his attacker had called him a ‚Äúginger pr**k‚ÄĚ moments before the attack.


Is there a group of people on earth that gets shit on without consequences more than gingers? Everybody on earth who’s not a ginger absolutely hates on gingers 24/7 and it’s all perfectly cool. Like if this dude was black, Asian, Spanish, whatever, this is a hate crime straight up. But he’s just a ginger dude. Unless I’m completely out of the loop I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a hate crime against a ginger. That’s essentially a hate crime against a white person and god knows it’s impossible that could ever happen. Now if this is me encountering a¬†soulless red-headed devil, I’m not confronting him at all. Nope, I’m turning and running away as fast as I can. For me, all ginger people = Malachi from¬†Children of the Corn¬†and I want nothing to do with that.