Guy Proposes While Being Set On Fire – Watch MoreFunny Videos

I give this proposal a negative billion points.   Listen I know that chicks can be a pain in the ass.     I know god invented them  just to cook, clean and fuck.   But having said that proposing is a big deal.   First Lady still says the day I did it was the best day of her life.  That’s because I did it with class, prestige and honor that would make Sinatra proud.  What I didn’t do was make it all about me.   I wasn’t wearing a blond wig and lipstick and having my buddies light me on fire and then jump into a kiddie pool and shoot fire rockets all over the joint.    Like chill out bro.  This isn’t an audition for Fear Factor.    So I’m saying this as a public service announcement to all our female stoolies.  If your boyfriend lights himself on fire during any point of his proposal say no because he’s a selfish bastard and won’t treat you right.

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