(Emirates) A desperate Egyptian who was in love with his neighbour for several years went berserk and sawed off his organ when she refused his marriage proposal. The woman, a divorcee, who encouraged him to have a sexual relationship with her, however, started pestering him to marry her. According to Sada Al Balad newspaper, she even threatened to end their relationship if he did not wed her. However, he was not financially stable to settle down with her. And when he failed to convince her, he took a knife and chopped off his private part and flung it on the street in a fit of rage. But by the time he realised his action and ran out to collect his organ, a dog was savouring it.

I’ve read this story 5 times and still can’t make sense of it. So this chick seduced her neighbor, they started fucking, then said she’d stop fucking him unless they got married, but when he finally broke down and proposed she said no so he sawed his dick off? Oh, and a dog ate his detached penis? Seems kind of fishy to me. Typical woman move, I guess. Either she wants you to marry her so she can put your balls in her underwear drawer or she wants to change her mind so often and confuse you to the point where sawing your dick off an feeding it to a dog is the only logical move. Both situations result in you being miserable and not getting to fuck anyone else ever again so she’s happy.