NYDailyNews – Condom company Durex has launched a new app and service in Dubai that discreetly delivers condoms within an hour, with the delivery made by someone dressed as, say, a pizza delivery man or tourist who slyly slips you the goods without your date noticing. Evening saved. After downloading the app or via the Durex SOS website, users can order condoms between 4 p.m. and 4 a.m., anywhere within Dubai. The service aims to expand to other countries as well, with Durex launching a Facebook campaign to spread the word. “Like” SOS Condoms, and your city could be the next to welcome the service.


If there’s one thing that deserves an emergency delivery service, it’s condoms.  How about being a condom delivery guy though huh? That’s lower than a Chinese delivery man. Spend your nights delivering jizz balloons directly to guy’s erect penises. And the stakes are a lot higher than food delivery. You can stave off hunger for a lot longer than you can stave off willing pussy. But on the bright side, I bet they’ll make fucking bank in tips. Absolute life savers, literally and figuratively. You know, cause of abortions.