If you’re a fan of the private, salacious details of famous celebrities being made public… and if you’re not you’ve come to the wrong website… you’ve got to get in on the action of the divorce proceedings between Dwayne Wade and his “childhood sweetheart since they were 15″ soon-to-be-ex-wife Siohvaughn.  Dwayne is in the process of upgrading from Siohvaughn to one time Stool Wake Up subject Gabrielle Union.  And among the rumors coming out of the divorce discovery is that he gave Gabrielle herpes and knocked her up.  Now we’ve got this tidbit:

Siohvaughn Wade claims Union “engaged in sexual foreplay with Dwyane Wade” in front of Wade’s 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons… The boy’s mother claims the sexual foreplay in front of the boys and the orchestrated meeting to introduce the children to their future stepmother caused emotional distress. The older child has sought medical treatment for stress and anxiety, has developed nervous habits, experiences headaches, and is generally anxious to the point of “significant” hair loss causing bald spots, according to the suit.

Sadly, my father didn’t live long enough to get the chance to engage in sexual foreplay with a hot black actress on my couch in front of me, so I can’t speak to whether this business with the stress, anxiety, nervous habits, headaches and bald spots is legit.  But I have seen enough scorned women in my life to know a gold digger when I see one and that’s what Siohvaughn Wade is.  She can hide behind that “childhood sweethearts” thing all she wants but I’m not buying it.  At 15 she knew damn well he was going to be a max contract NBA superstar.  By that age most kids with Wade’s talent are into their 14th year of AAU ball and have agents buying their mom’s Cadillac Escalades.  Siohvaughn just got pushed aside for a hotter, more sexually adventurous chick, which is what happens when you hitch your wagon to a star, so deal with it.  Believe me, my Darling Irish Rose knows she’s married to a future Hall of Fame blogger and she’s got the kids prepared for the celebrity couch sex that’s sure to come.  It’s what parenting is all about.