(Welcome to Manning Bowl Bitch!)

LYNNOfficials of East Lynn Pop Warner would not comment Tuesday night on reports that at least three of the six juveniles charged in the severe beating of a man in July have been participating in pre-season football practices until their board of directors has a chance to meet tonight. League president and coach Duke Wilson declined to comment on the reports. However, at least one parent said yesterday that three of the boys – and possibly more – have taken part in practices while wearing ankle monitors. The six boys were remanded to their parents following a hearing last month. The victim, Damian Merida, 30, a Guatemalan immigrant, is still in serious condition as a result of the beating. East Lynn had a tremendously successful season in 2008, as its B and C squad won state championships. The C Squad went on to compete in the national Super Bowl at Disney World.

People always ask me. “Hey Pres where do you think the toughest place to play football in the country is? Like who has biggest home field advantage? Is it Death Valley at LSU? Virginia Tech? The Swamp? Maybe Happy Valley? And my answer is always the same. Manning Bowl. I’m telling you there is nothing else on the planet like walking in there as a 12 year old to play East Lynn. It’s like walking into the Orange Bowl to play Miami in the mid 90′s. Kids shitting themselves the second they get off the bus. It’s not even about whether you’re going to win or lose. It’s about how many kids are going to get taken away in an ambulance. I’m talking everything about that place is fucked up. The field is slanted. It smells like piss. The scales never work right when you’re weighing in. It’s just like the perfect storm of chaos. And now we find out that they have legit felons on their team wearing ankle braces to practice. I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m telling you if the East Lynn C Squad plays BC tomorrow at the Bowl I’m taking East Lynn straight up. No joke.