USA TodayJohn Skipper, the president of ESPN, said recently the network went a bit overboard in its coverage of Tim Tebow. Skipper will not get an argument from Tebow on that one. “Seeing how they were at every training-camp practice, maybe,” the New York Jets’ quarterback said after a hearty laugh Thursday. Tebow hasn’t taken a snap since before Thanksgiving, yet he’s still getting plenty of attention around these parts, even if ESPN has backed off.


What??? NO! No,  I will NOT accept this!  The WWL went “overboard” on their Tebow coverage?  We’ll decide what’s overboard, thankyouverymuch.  Was it overboard when they showed that video of him running in the rain on continuous loop for 24 hours?  Was it overboard when Marcellus Wiley and Herm Edwards wore party hats and “gave” him “gifts” on his birthday while Sara Walsh’s vibrator burned through and entire BJs Wholesale box of batteries?  Was it overboard every time the Jets gave their backup QB and personal protector on the punt unit a press conference?  No, I say.  A thousand times no.  Because whether Tebow is sitting behind one of the worst starters in the league or letting punts get blocked or getting fellated  by ESPN on a daily basis, all he does is win.  @JerryThornton1