So ESPN had what they called the Ultimate Brady vs. Manning comparison today where their crack team of football morons compared the two in everything from who throws a better deep ball, to who is smarter, to who history will remember as the better QB, to who is a better leader, etc.    Not surprisingly  Peyton went 11-4 against Brady   After all we are talking about ESPN here so I’d expect nothing less.    But the thing I got a kick out of was one question in particular.    Who would you rather have be your QB if you needed to win 1 playoff game.   Not only was that one of the few categories that Brady won, but he won it almost unanimously.     And really isn’t that the only thing that matters?   It doesn’t matter whether you think Manning is smarter, more durable, uglier etc.   Who do you want to win the big game?   That’s it.   Doesn’t that pretty much sum up everything you need to know about these two guys?   Brady is the guy you want leading your team when you need to win.   Manning is the guy you want leading your team at the Pro Bowl and durin the regular season.  Brady raises his level of play during big games and Peyton stays the same.   That’s why Brady has 3 rings and Peyton has 1.     That’s good enough for me.    If that means Dan Marino was better than Joe Montana and Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady than so be it.

PS – Just in case anybody wants to invalidate this entire article with one sentence here it is. 

“Manning is the most mobile quarterback in the NFL.”  

Yes they really said that.