“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn (and girls) off the iPhone … Folks who want porn (or aren’t gay) can buy an Android phone”

— Steve Jobs



Just a quick update for everybody who keeps chirping me asking what happened to Guess That Ass and our Wake Ups on the Iphone app. Well Apple keeps making us take it down that’s what happened. Why? Because according to that dead fuck Steve Jobs “anything that may elicit an erotic reaction is illegal.”  Not just porn.  Hot girls in general.  So if we put up a picture of a chick with tits they send us a warning and make us take it down and threaten to ban us. It’s gotten to the point now where the bloggers have to manually pick what blogs appear on our iphone app. If we think even one Stoolie may get a hard we can’t post it. Kind of strict requirements since I know if the wind blows hard enough or if I wear smooth underwear I get a boner. But this is Apple. This is what they do. Who cares if they allow snapchat, instagram, vine and a million other apps that only exist so hot chicks can give you blue balls. Nope let’s ban the Barstool app because they post pretty girls. It’s bizarro world. Like I’m talking communist type shit. But hey everybody keeps sucking Apple’s dick. Just don’t cry to me when our app is missing 75% of the blogs and Apple turns the US into a Puritan state. Not my fault. Blackberry 4 life.