Globalanimal - CNN is reporting that both dogs received medical attention. The injured dog is currently at a veteranarian getting care and the loyal dog friend is at a shelter. In summary of the mens’ conversation in Japanese: at first the two thought the injured dog was dead. They immediately called a vet for assistance for both dogs. The men say they wish they had brought food to give the dogs. We will continue to follow any updates on this story and the status of the injured dog who is reportedly still weak.

Just dogs being dogs here.  Loyalty like a motherfucker.    Your boy just got tsnami’d on?  You don’t run.  You don’t hide.  You just sit there and guard his ass till help comes.  That’s just how dogs do.   Kind of reminds me of what I’d still consider the most amazing dog video in the history of the world.  I’m obviously talking about the one in which the dog ran into the highway to drag his buddy to saftey after he got hit by a car.     I posted that video 4 years ago and just stopped crying about it last week and now I’m welling up about it again.

Put a slow jam to this and forget about it.   Waterworks city….