NYPost - America saved Eduardo Saverin — and he won’t repay the favor. When he was 13, Saverin was named on a gangster’s list of potential kidnapping targets. His family fled Brazil to Miami for his safety. Saverin thrived, attending a fancy prep school. He became a citizen in 1998, and made his way to Harvard, where he became pals with Mark Zuckerberg and the other founders of Facebook. Now he’s shunning the United States — the place that gave him personal safety, along with immense opportunity and wealth — by stiffing us for a possible $600 million in taxes. He’s renouncing his US citizenship in favor of Singapore, the Southeast Asian city-state that has no capital-gains tax, where he has lived like royalty since 2009. “This pisses me off,” fellow tech-industry billionaire Mark Cuban spat on Twitter Friday upon hearing news of Saverin’s decision. At Harvard, he wore business suits to class. Leveraging his family’s deep business links, Saverin was still an undergraduate when he took advantage of Brazil’s lax insider-trading rules to make $300,000 through strategic investments in the oil industry.Saverin lives like a rock star in a sprawling penthouse atop Singapore’s tallest building. He is regularly spotted lounging with models and wealthy friends at local nightclubs and racking up tens of thousands of dollars in bar tabs by ordering bottles of Cristal Champagne and Belvedere vodka.

First of all whoever cast Eduardo Saverin in the Social Network should be thrown in jail for misrepresentation. This squid is every bit as big a squid as Zuckerberg is. Just squid city. Seriously is there a more despicable group of people on the planet than the Facebook crew? The Winklevoss Twins, Zuckerberg, Shawn Parker and now this asshole. Seriously if it wasn’t for Zuckerbergs dazzling good looks there wouldn’t be one redeeming quality amongst the bunch of them. Like I honestly wouldn’t mind somebody murdering Eduardo Saverin. Or at the very least kidnapping him and water boarding him a little bit. And it’s not even about him renouncing his citizenship to bail on his taxes either. Instead who the fuck wears business suits to class at Harvard? What a fucking cuntface. This kid 100% deserves something horrible to happen to him in the very near future.