I don’t get this video. How can anybody be this emotional about American Idol this year? I mean Lee Dewezye (who I predicted to win*) vs. Crystal Bowersox in the finals? Talk about a snooze fest. None of the raw emotion of a Lambert vs. Kris Allen, David Cook vs. David Archuleta or even a Ruben Studdard vs. Clay Aiken. So I just don’t get how you can be this fat and this upset all at once? Strange.

* In all fairness I only picked Dewezye after Siobhan tanked it. Either way did you see the way Siobhan came out for Moulin Rouge last night? Like she owned the joined. Seriously if she came out with that type of passion and fire every week she would have won this thing in a cake walk. Such a shame. The worst thing in life is wasted talent.