I almost felt bad for this girl. I really did. Like she seems to be a nice enough gal and actually handles it pretty well. But the thing that gets lost is this: the dude isn’t wrong. If you’re on TV every morning would it hurt to mix in a workout? And if that’s too much to ask, then how can you possibly get mad at people calling you out? Just doesn’t make sense to me when people get mad about being called fat. It’s not a skin color or a sexual orientation. It’s something you can change in a fucking month. Didn’t you hear Lovie Smith’s workout plan last night? Eat less and exercise. Crazy easy.

I’m just so sick of the whole “bullying” uproar nowadays. Everyone gets bullied. Everyone has always gotten bullied and everyone will get bullied for the rest of time. Athletes get bullied for being stupid. Smart kids get bullied for not being athletic. Fat people get bullied for being fat and ugly people get bullied for being ugly. It’s literally vigilantism. Either make yourself better or you’ll keep getting called what you are. It’s no more bullying than a teacher giving a bad grade on a report card. Just facts. It’s something you’re not good at so you can either work on it or be a failure. Otherwise everyone just walks around thinking they’re great and the whole country goes to hell in a hand basket. The only bullying problem this country has is that there’s not enough of it.