“Go Bitch Go!”

Fuck Yeah! Harvick Bitch!!

Listen I may not know much about car racing but I know the words you never want to hear is “he’s slowing down”. It doesn’t matter how much fat wind this whale creates it’s not going to get Junior to the finish line.

Anyway you know how we always get wacky stories on the Stool of wives killing husbands or vice versa for little shit like changing the channel on the TV or not cooking lasagna right? On the surface it always seems preposterous but after watching this I totally get it. Like I’m pretty sure the husband was in the process of doing the Degeneration X move right in his wife’s face as the camera was shut off. So just no chance she didn’t retaliate by dumping a pot of scalding hot water on his balls while he was sleeping. No chance. It’s kind of a nice to see what leads up to redneck violence.