TodayNo parent truly enjoys cleaning up a child’s poop, especially when it lands outside of the safety of the toilet or a diaper. One dad took his disgust with the dirty work of parenting to the Internet. He had his smiling, pajama-clad daughter, who looks to be about 3, pose for a photo with a sign around her neck that read: “I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up. I hereby sign this as permission to use in my yearbook senior year.” Now the unidentified dad who shamed his daughter for the world to see on Reddit is getting a dose of his own medicine. Thousands of online commenters have weighed in, with many calling him a mean dad who went too far, sapped his daughter’s confidence and violated her privacy.  “What a terrible thing to do to a 3-year-old little girl,” Christine Davis wrote on Facebook. “The dad should be ashamed of himself! He should have to wear a sign that says ‘I have no compassion for my daughter.’” “This child WILL be scared for life,” Lisa Rougeux wrote on the Facebook page. “This is going to cause many, many issues in this child’s adult life!! He needs the child removed from his care if there isn’t a woman to teach him to be a real man and father around.”

Hey folks, are you reading the same story I’m reading? This bitch shit in the shower. She’s lucky he didn’t make her sleep outside in a dog house. This is the exact reason I don’t think I could have kids. Like everyone braces themselves for the incessant crying. You know you’re never gonna sleep again. You know they are gonna drain all your money. You even know they are gonna be messy. But that first time you catch your kid squatting in the shower pinching a loaf in the tub, there’s just no way you can keep your cool. Your first reaction has gotta be immediate regret for procreating. Second reaction has gotta be you wanna tie them up and drop them off on the front steps of the local church and run away forever. And then cooler heads prevail and you hang a sign on them and shame them on the internet for pooping in tub. Dr. Phil can say whatever the fuck he wants – thats some real life parenting right there.