Source – An obese woman has captured the cruel looks and stares she attracts in public by photographing herself in different social settings. Haley Morris-Cafiero, 37, an artist from Memphis, Tennessee, is seen sitting in restaurants, out shopping and strolling around bustling tourist attractions such as Times Square while curious passers-by are captured in the background. Talking about the revealing collection of images she writes on her website: ‘I have always been aware of people making faces, commenting and laughing at me about my size.’ She admits that her weight has been a constant battle and growing up she often felt ‘left out and awkward’. Instead of talking about her body she refers to ‘my uncontrollable exterior’. On the subject of her eating habits she told MailOnline: ‘My biggest temptation has to be donuts. They contain all of the caloric evils in one round, portable container: fried, bread and sugar,’


What a dumb fatty. Hey lady, you’re 100% correct in saying that people are judging you. It’s because you’re a fat weird looking person sitting by herself in Times Square and on swings. You’re bending over in public and getting in the way. You’re fat and gross and your arms make me want to puke. How about instead of victimizing yourself and purposely looking odd in the streets, you hit the gym and do something about it? Maybe be active instead of crying about how us normal people are judging your hideousness? Plus pictures of yourself are the last things you should want. Everyone knows the camera adds 10 lbs.

PS – That black guy at the playground is definitely into the bodonkadonk.