NYDNFeminist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture performed its latest “operation panty drop” Saturday. Organizers Rebecca Nagle, 26, and Hannah Brancato, 27, have teamed up with male and female “consent enthusiasts” to leave consent-themed panties in more than a dozen Victoria’s Secret stores in North America and Europe since Dec. 5. The underwear’s “no means no” and “ask first” messages satirize some of the retailer’s panties that have messages the group deems problematic, such as “sure thing.” “What we’re doing is one tactic within a bunch of necessary tactics to change our culture,” Nagle told the Daily News. The team publicly announced the project Dec. 10, but the idea had been brewing since last winter. One shopper, who was not aware of the group beforehand, purchased a pair when she spotted them in Philadelphia. “(I)f I am wearing sexy underwear,” she wrote, “that doesn’t mean I am asking for anything. Ask me first!”

Could not be a stupider move than this “operation panty drop” ploy. If a chick is wearing sexy underwear then the last thing in the world you need to do is ask. Thought everyone knew that? If a chick is wearing anything but 100% cotton fruit of the looms then basically the only thing on her mind is fucking. Common sense. Chicks don’t put on irritating lace with parts that go so far up your ass it technically counts as anal just so they can go to catechism class. You check out the clientele of chicks who spend 5o bucks on a pair of see-thru underwear at Victoria’s Secret and you’ll find that 11 out of 10 of them are DTF hard. Wouldn’t even want you to ask first because it’s so much hotter that way.