Ferriday, Louisiana: Where the most eloquent man in town is the guy arguing cops shouldn’t bust drug dealers because they don’t have any other jobs. I’m actually convinced now that news crews go around town looking for the most ridiculous people to interview so the video goes viral. Like there’s no way that little white lady in a dress saw a black guy wearing a winter hat in Louisiana, wearing his shirt half-on and thought Well, let’s see what this concerned citizen has to say on the matter. She saw that dude across the street and her eyes lit up and once he started in with the “Ohhhhhhhh bout two hunnit! Dey had da whole hooood blocked off” she knew she was going viral city. Gave her camera guy a wink that said “I told ya, I told ya that crazy darkie was going to say something outrageous” and off they went.

I will say this though, if that first guy is looking for the snitches look no further than Fat Albert here:

200 cops arresting everybody and this guy managed to get away? Don’t think so.

And of course, here’s the obligatory Leprechaun in Alabama video…