If a good old fashioned bleacher brawl doesn’t get you pumped for a weekend of drunk masholes fighting each other at Faneuil Hall than nothing will.    I’m not sure ever seen somebody get hit as cleanly as fat Konerko did.    Feel free to react bro.   This guy was loading up for like 5 minutes to cold cock you.   Although I will admit I was surprised to see him reappear later in the video.  I thought for sure he was sleeping.

PS – I’m a 5″10 jewish kid.  I’m a pussy.  I don’t fight.   I’d get my ass kicked if I did.  But I will say that I’d fight that fairy in the light blue shirt throwing punches at the 27 second mark any day of the week and twice on Sunday and I’d ruin him.   That’s a fucking promise.  

Have a great weekend everybody!


Thanks to Sort of Sports for the tip