YoutubeA bunch of freak hoes fighting in a BK parking lot in Oakland. Girl hits pregnant girl, pregnant girl throws high chair, dude wrecks pregnant girl, pregnant girl talks shit to old lady, old lady chases pregnant girl with water bottle, some more fighting, then a motorcycle cop gets hit by a car. regular stuff.

People think blogging is easy?   Like how the fuck am I supposed to sum up this fight?   I mean Shakespeare himself couldn’t describe what just happened.   Seriously I don’t even know where to begin.  That’s why I attached the youtube description of it.    I guess just let this be a lesson for all you pregnant crack ho’s out there.    Don’t think you can  just waltz into a Burger King parking lot dressed in pink tights and talk shit to prositutes and not get your ass kicked by the prostitutes pimp and then chased around by some old lady wearing a cape.    Class dismissed.

PS – Who got convicted of manslaughter?