Angle #2

Well I guess the Denny’s in Chicopee is not the place you want be if you’re getting your ass kicked and need help huh? I mean that had to be the most uninvolved/unaffected restaurant crowd in the history of restaurants. Everyone just eating their food minding their own business. Dude is getting haymakers rained down on his head two tables over. No biggie. I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

PS – You got to love chicks. They never know when enough is enough. Like your man just got demolished and didn’t even have the balls to fight back.    The dude who crushed him already put on his jacket and sauntered out of the restaurant. His girlfriend is about to do the same.   It’s over. But nope you can’t leave well enough alone. You got to keep jawing and shit. Okay fine. Round II. Ding, ding, ding.   How’d that work out for you? As good as Round I?