NY Daily NewsThe Jets added a few more bizarre chapters Tuesday to a surreal quarterback storyline that has grabbed the headlines for the better part of nine months. One day after Rex Ryan’s loyalty to Mark Sanchez cost the Jets a chance at the playoffs, the coach pulled the plug on the supposed franchise quarterback by replacing him with the third-string quarterback who hadn’t been active for two weeks. Greg McElroy will make his first career start against the Chargers at MetLife Stadium on Sunday… Ryan’s decision was a stunning indictment not only of Sanchez, once believed to be the future of the franchise, but also backup Tim Tebow, who has become an afterthought… Tebow, who captivated the NFL last season with his miracle playoff run in Denver, will request to be traded or released after the season assuming that McElroy starts the final two games. Tebow’s desire to part ways with a franchise that never gave him a chance came to a head after McElroy, who has seven career passes on his NFL resume, leapfrogged him, according to a source.

US Weekly - After less than two months of dating, the New York Jets quarterback and actress Camilla Belle have called it quits, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. Explains the source of Tebow, 25, and Belle, 26: “It just didn’t work out.”

The very day the Jets signed Tebow I Dumbledored this entire series of events.  How they were bringing him in strictly as a business decision, to steal the back page of the tabs away from the Giants.  How they’d create a media circus around the guy. How the first time Sanchez had a bad month, a bad game or even the first time he threw a pick, Jets fans would be screaming for a change.  And how Tebowmania would crush whatever remained of Sanchez’ dwindling confidence.  I called it all.  But not this.  The winningest winner who ever won getting passed over for the 208th pick in the draft?  Then to add another kick to the balls, getting dumped by Joe Jonas’ sloppy seconds? This I did not see coming.

It’s painfully obvious by now what’s happening here.  Shrex never wanted him.  He never bought into Tebow’s “Winner” Hype.  He puts no stock in his Good Character Guyishness.  Rex prefers to build his team around mouthy, me-first miscreants and habitual criminal offenders.  He wants badasses, not Bible verse-spouting good guys.  And apparently Camilla Belle didn’t get into the Celebrity Athlete With Crossover Appeal-Dating game to hang out with some 3rd stringer on a terrible team and NOT get laid.

So my heart goes out to Tebow.  And I don’t blame him for wanting out of this Dysfunctional Family Circus. There’s a world of hot, semi-famous actresses out there available to have almost-sex with.   But they’ll never give him a second look as long as he’s a backup on the frigging Jets. They’ll all dump him for Greg McElroy the way Harriet Byrd turned her gaze to Roy Hobbs as soon as he struck out the Whammer. I just don’t get why he’d wait until after the season.  In a situation as bad as this, Tebow needs to ask himself “What Would Denis Lemieux Do?”: