(Casting Audition for the movie Interns or The Internship or The Intern or some shit like that)

If there’s a limit to what Mr. Kraft can do, we haven’t yet discovered what it is.¬† He’s a modern day Midas.¬† Everything he touches turns to gold.¬† Businessman.¬† Philanthropist.¬† Champion.¬† Real estate mogul.¬† Leader of men.¬† Lover of beautiful women.¬† And now we can add: Dancer.¬† Actor.¬† Tough guy.¬† It’s like anything he wants to hit he hits.¬† First we see him with the lovely Ricki at a Celtics game, now he’s using his limitless talents to get her acting gigs.¬† And if his past success is any indication, she’ll be thanking him from the podium when she wins the Best Actress Oscar next year.¬† And based on this performance, I wouldn’t bet against him winning one himself.

The only thing I’m struggling with is Mr. Kraft has given us TWO slogans for the 2012 Patriots.¬† And I can’t decide which one I’d rather have replace the “MHK” patch on the uniforms:

“Nut Up or Move On”, or

“Fuck You, Pussy!”

Either way we win.  Because Mr. Kraft is the only man in America having a better summer than Gronk.  @JerryThornton1