Somebody remind me again why Gillette doesn’t advertise with the Stool? Oh yeah that’s right. They said we were too low brow. I guess they have a point. I mean nothing screams class like a webinar on how to shave your man bush. But that’s neither here nor there. My question is whether anybody actually freelances on their “hair down there” like this? You’d have to be insane right? There is a reason bitches get bikini waxes for this type of shit. You slip up by an inch and cut your balls or your dick and it’s game set match. That’s why I use an electric razor for this shit. It keeps it tight without putting your junk on the line and it keeps the chicks just as happy. Or at least I think it does. Or have I been naive all these years and this is the reason chicks have never dug me the way I thought they should?