So WEEI spent the last two hours just ripping me a new asshole about the Brady pictures. I tried to call in for like half an hour to defend myself but couldn’t get through. When’s the last time that happened for the Big Show? It’s kind of bullshit they didn’t call me because I know they have my number since they asked me to regularly be on their show but I picked the morning show over them. Anyway since I couldn’t get through I made this video. And in case you couldn’t tell let me say this clearly and unequivocally. I stand by posting those pictures 110% and think that anybody who has a problem with them are nuts. I’ll also say that for two hours straight WEEI encouraged people to call up and say I should be murdered.

Every call went like this…

Crazy CallerPortnoy broke Federal law and somebody needs to show up at his house and kill him

Big OYeah it’s wrong. He’ll probably end up in jail

Crazy Caller No he needs to be murdered. Where does he live?

Big OWell we can’t condone murder even though he probably deserves it. Back to the phone lines. Everybody out there why don’t’ you tell us how David Portnoy should be killed.

And on and on it went for 2 hours. So you tell me what’s worse? Posting a picture of a baby with his wee wee out or literally trying to incite a riot to get ratings for the first time in 3 years. Not to mention the fact if the picture was so awful why were they telling everybody and their grandmother to go look at it?