BBC At 93, Dr Charles Eugster cuts a dapper figure in his navy suit and matching silk handkerchief and tie. But he looks just as good in the Lycra gym suit he has on underneath, ready to spring into action like a nonagenarian superhero. This former dentist took up bodybuilding just six years ago, aged 87, yet looks very at home surrounded by the whirring fitness machines. His reasons for picking up weights in his 80s are simple. “The idea is to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach,” he says. Disappointed he was becoming overweight, Dr Eugster joined a bodybuilding club and decided to hire a former Mr Universe to train him into shape. “I’m extremely vain and I noticed I was getting fat,” he said.

99% of the time I can’t stand these old people who hit the gym and brag about it on the news. But Dr. Charles Eugster is a horse of a different color. A straight shooter who tells it like it is. When old people talk about being healthy and staying in shape they always give bogus answers like they want to see their granddaughter graduate college or walk their daughter down the aisle. That’s bullshit. The only reason you go to the gym or eat healthy is so you look hot. That’s it. And Chuck here has no problem admitting that. Why’s he hire a former Mr. Universe to whip is ass into shape? Oh I don’t know, because he’s extremely vain and saw he was getting fat and wanted to fuck hot 70 year olds that he met at the beach. Duh. The guy may be 93 but he’s still a guy.