OklahomaA teacher has been jailed after a 15-year-old boy was able to prove he was having sex with her by identifying a tattoo on her body. Police in Oklahoma said the teen was able to describe a tattoo on Rhonda Michelle Ford’s pelvic area which is low enough to be hidden by her underwear. The 29-year-old contract teacher… is alleged to have become involved with the boy shortly after Valentine’s Day. The student told detectives he and Ford kissed and had a sexual encounter that involved the touching of genitals. He said the following day he went to Ford’s home where they had sex. The teen said they had sex on at least ten occasions in the following months as well as performing oral sex on each other. The boy told authorities that because of the sexual relationship, he could identify a tattoo on Ford’s pelvic area, which is low enough to be hidden by panties. The charging document also alleges Ford provided alcohol to three students at her residence…two boys and a girl… She has been charged with lewd or indecent acts with a child under the age of 16, second-degree rape, sodomy and permitting children under 21 to possess or consume alcohol.

Is there nothing Rhonda Michelle Ford cannot do?  She just about hit for the Sex Scandal Teacher cycle:  Handies, oral, straight sex and alcohol.  Plus a whole new category: Vagina tattoos.  Of course the burning question on everyone’s mind should be “A tattoo of what?” Is it something dull like a butterfly or a Playboy bunny?  Something hilarious maybe like the NSFW Homer Simpson?  Or perhaps something practical, like tomorrow’s homework assignment?  I guess we’ll have to wait for the trial to find out.  But what we do know is the last time Oklahoma gave the word someone with this much talent, this much of a love of booze and such a complete absence of self control… his name was Mickey Mantle.  And he was the hero to a generation of Baby Boomers.  Here’s hoping Rhonda can stay healthier than The Commerce Comet and inspire future generations.

The Grades:
I feel like this picture is cheating her.  And us.   Mugshots usually do.  I mean, no one’s hiring the local PD to shoot their yearbook photo.  But awful Snookie skin color and fish face pucker aside, I’m forever in love with the brunette/horn rim glasses look.  I’m sure her court appearance will be much better but going by what I have to work with I’m only giving her a Grade: B.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: Vag tattoos are meant to be a fun, sexy surprise for your first timers.  Not incriminating evidence.  Grade: A.
Intangibles: Any 15 year old who’d dime her out to the authorities has to be an Oklahomo.  Grade: C.
Overall: B. Subject to review if better pictures surface.

(Thanks to @Boodle1985.  The Tweeps have been coming through in the clutch lately)

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