TexasA teacher who allegedly had sex with one of her students and then verbally attacked his girlfriend has been arrested. Stacey Manning, 36, who worked at Sealy High School in Houston, resigned in April after the allegations first surfaced that she was sleeping with an 18-year-old student. The alleged relationship came to light when the career technology teacher started calling the boy’s girlfriend names. Student Caleb Scarbrough told Khou.com: ‘She got angry and started calling his girlfriend names, because he had a girlfriend at the time. And so the girlfriend went and confronted him about this relationship and so they went to the police about it because she was saying awful things about this girl.’

What the hell, kid?  What’s wrong with you?  You had it made.  You were banging a teacher.  You had a girlfriend.  One apparently hot enough that the teacher was threatened by her.  And they were fighting over you.  You were King of the World.  Cock of the Walk.  And the first time your girlfriend comes to you with a big upset you have to blow the whole deal by getting the cops involved?  What a bonehead thing to do.  You killed the goose that laid the Golden Sex Scandal Teacher Egg.  The right move would’ve been to stretch this out as long as humanly possible.  It’s basic biology: Keep them feuding, keep the air full of angry horny girl pheromones, which would’ve drawn every chick in the school, raised you to Alpha Male status and then you could’ve had your pick of the whole herd.  But you had to go appease your stupid, replaceable girlfriend.  Christ you’re like a quarterback who had the game won then threw a Pick-6 at end to blow it.  Punks like you don’t deserve to be Sex Scandal Teacher material.

The Grades:
Gail the Snail. Grade: C-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
When you throw all pretense of maturity, all discretion and all hope of keeping your job down the toilet by publicly fighting with your competition like you’re 16 years old?  Take your Grade: A.  You earned it.
Sealy Mattress has “an undying dedication to helping the world sleep better.”  So, apparently, does the faculty at Sealy High.  Grade: A-
I have a soft spot in my heart for Stacey’s story.  Unfortunately her mugshot gives me a soft spot in my pants to match.  Grade: B-
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