New YorkA former Walton High School teacher is arrested after having sexual relationships with two students. The victims were 16 years old at the time.  In police statements, both victims say the relationship started when Stephanie Fletcher , 28, of Walton, started texting them. The relationship became physical when she offered to help tutor them privately after school. “She was telling me that every question I got right we could do something,” one victim describes. Fletcher was the high school’s biology teacher at the time; she has since resigned. According to police statements, most of the sexual contact happened outside of school. But there were some instances during study halls and class breaks, and in the high school parking lot. Both victims say Fletcher texted them naked and half-clothed photos of herself, and often performed oral sex on them… One victim adds in his statement to police that he felt like he was getting failing marks in another one of his classes due to a relationship Fletcher was having with a teacher at Walton High School. Stephanie Fletcher has been married to Kirk Fletcher, of Walton since 2010.

This might be the greatest advancement in education of our lifetimes.  American schools are lagging way behind the rest of the world in the Sciences.  And what better way to close the gap than to incentivize kids to do better by offering them what our teachers do better than anyone?  Sex.  Stephanie Fletcher is onto something here.  Get an answer right, see a boob.  Get another one, touch a vagina.  A B on a quiz gets you classroom oral.  An A gets you laid.  She wins. The kids win.  America wins.  If nothing else, we’ll kick the rest of the world’s ass in Biology.

The Grades:
 Steph looks a little like a McPoyle, though definitely a distant relative. A better looking cousin or something.  And while I usually like crazy eyes in these teachers, hers are weirdly offset, like a flounder.  Or a Picasso.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t take a classroom hummer from her.  Just that she’s not one of the greats.  Grade: B-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
What’s not to love?  Mrs. Fletcher here is what the NFL scouts would call a “high motor” player.  Multiple kids.  A love triangle with another teacher.  Nudes. Sex in one kid’s house. Sex in another kid’s sister’s house. Classroom sex. Study hall sex. Parking lot.  She’s relentless.  The drive and determination to play for me anytime. Grade: A
It sounds like her marriage to Kirk is going great so far.  Also, you don’t suppose either of these kids would know enough to call her “Fletch”?  Or that they ever used the line “Why don’t we go lay on the bed and I’ll fill you in?” Grade: A
Overall:  B.

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