MichiganA topless photo of herself and sexually explicit comments were among the 50 or so text messages a Clarkston teacher sent to one of her special education students over the course of a year, police said Friday. Now, Michelle Simonson, 28, of Oxford Township is facing felony charges of enticing a minor for immoral purposes and distributing sexually explicit material to a minor… The racy texts came to light after the 14-year-old boy became uncomfortable and told his foster parents: His Clarkston teacher, a 28-year-old married woman, had been sending them for about a year… During a July 21 interview with the boy, he told investigators he was uncomfortable and asked Simonson to stop. He also said there was never any physical contact between them.

God bless Michelle Simmons.  This is heartwarm- …Wait.  What?  “There was never any physical contact”?  What kind of nonsense is that?  What a terrible message to send to a 14 year old special education student.  He can look but he can’t touch?  Is that what she’s saying?  At a time when our schools are putting so many resources into maintreaming developmentally challenged kids into the classroom to show them they can do what other students do, it’s reprehensible and just plain mean that Ms. Simonson would deny this boy what every other boy his age gets: Sex from his hot teacher.  How ironic that the week we bury Eunice Shriver, who did so much for handicapped children, this story comes along to show us just how far we still have to go.   Michelle Simonson, that young boy isn’t disabled.  He’s differently abled.  I’m sure given the chance he could’ve done just as good a job at banging you in the classroom or receiving parking lot head from you as any other student.

The Grades:
:  Sure.  I mean, I wouldn’t lobby El Pres to put her on a Barstool cover or anything.  But I get the sense there’s a good body to go with that and standing in the shoes of a 14 year old SPED student, I’m going to guess those are the best boob shots he’s ever had texted to him.  Grade: B.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgement:
Love the sexting.  Hate the lack of any actual sex.  Now this poor kid’s going to have to hope the next sexually depraved teacher that comes along will have what it takes to finish the game.  Grade: D.
Simonson is the Anne Sullivan of Sex Scandal Teachers.  Cell phone boob pics put the “Special” in “Special Ed.”  Grade: A.
Overall:  C.

[Thanks to Andrew for the story]
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