TennesseeA former Clinton High School teacher admitted in court Monday to having sexual contact with students. Monday afternoon, Megan Baumann entered a guilty pleas to four charges: Statutory Rape by an Authority Figure, Sexual Battery by and Authority Figure, and two counts of Displaying Sexually Explicit Material to Minors. Baumann admitted to having sexual contact with three Clinton High School students, all older than 13 but younger than 18. She agreed with District Attorney General Dave Clark’s description of the facts of the case. He said she fondled one outside his clothes, she sent cell phone pics of her nude chest and pubic region to another, and she had sex with a third and sent him nude cell phone pictures. All the incidents happened in December 2009 and January 2010. She was sentenced to three years in prison.

Do not despair, Megan Baumann.  We appreciate the sacrifice you’re making here.  Great social change rarely comes without a price.  And oftentimes that price means some brave soul willing to give up their freedom in the fight for justice.  They locked up Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and now they’re locking up Megan Baumann.  But those of us on the outside will not forget you, I promise.  Your cause lives on.  We will we ever stop fighting for your dream of a world where teachers are free to bone  teenage boys, grab their packages and text them pictures of their nude chests and pubic regions.  As Dr. King said from the Birmingham jail, “Only when depraved teachers and horny schoolboys can bang to their heart’s content will any of us truly be free.”  Or something like that.    Free at last, Megan.  Free at last.

The Grades:
:  Oh, yeah.  So help me I love that Southern Belle blond look.  And Megan has that look in her eye like she’d be a world class tigress in the sack.  I bet she ruined that one kid for all women for the rest of his life.  Or 3 years, anyway.  Only the fact that we don’t have a handle on what kind of body she has keeps her grade down.  Grade: B.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Sex, crotch shots, boob shots, groping a kid in school.  This is how we do it do it.  Grade: A.
Two questions: Does the kid get conjugal visits once he turns 18?  And how badly would you like to be the guy who picks Megs up at the jail on the day of her release?  She’ll be doing him before the car leaves the parking lot.  Grade: B. Oh, hell.  she’s going to jail fercrissakes.  Give her a Grade: A.
Overall:  B+
.  Great job, Megan.  I hope you find a cute, lipstick lesbian to date in the Big House.

(Thanks to Patrick)
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