KENT, Wash. — The Kentlake High School teacher accused of having sex with a student has been charged. Barbara Anderson appeared in court on Tuesday… Prosecutors say the 37-year-old math teacher had sex with a 17-year-old boy she was tutoring in math. Some of the sexual contact took place in her classroom while the two were alone… Anderson told the teen she fantasized about him, investigators said, and the two exchanged nearly 800 messages in a month, exchanging 101 of them in a single day. “I believe that’s how the mother came to suspect the situation in the first place, when she came across those texts,” said Kent School District spokesman Chris Loftis. The teen had told his uncle he was “getting laid by a teacher,” his mother also discovered… “It’s an extraordinary violation of trust,” Loftis said. “It’s a violation of trust with the student and the family.”

Boy I’ll say it’s a violation of trust.  By the frigging uncle.  If the kid tells you he’s getting laid by a teacher and his mom asks if you know anything about it, you don’t narc on the kid and stop the gravy train.  If anything, you cover for him.  I’ve got two nephews just out of high school and believe me, if either of their moms came to me with something like this,  I’d look them right in the eye and lie through my teeth for them.  “Nope.  There’s nothing going on here.  This is just a game all the high schoolers are doing now as a joke.  Everybody knows about it” or something like that.  Because that’s what you do for your nephews, help a brotha out.  Seriously, this guy has to be the worst uncle of all time.  Hamlet’s uncle killed his father and took the throne of Denmark.  Harry Potter’s uncle locked him in a closet under the stairs for 11 years.  And even THEY wouldn’t have cockblocked their own flesh & blood when he’s banging a hot teacher.

The Grades:
OK, she’s not one of the greats, but she’s more than adequate.  Better than “good enough for a 15 year old,” I’d put her in the “you’d do it and brag about it” category.  Grade: B-.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Has a husband and kids.  Classroom sex.  800 texts including a staggering 100 in one day?  That’s all good stuff.  But telling the kid she fantasized about him?  That’s a definite Grade: A+.
I got nothing except to say I bet Barbara’s uncle kept his mouth shut.  Grade: C.
Overall:  B.
At the quarter pole, this is is shaping up to be a hell of a Sex Scandal Teacher year.

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