GeorgiaA 29-year-old contract teacher working at Northgate High School was charged May 27 with child molestation involving a 15-year-old former student. Dorothy Elizabeth Dixon was arrested after her husband found sexting messages on his wife’s phone, confronted her and reported her explanation to authorities…  investigators were alerted to what is said to have been a sexual relationship between Dixon and one of her former students, a 15-year-old male special needs student, after her husband found sexting messages on her phone…Dixon’s husband saw messages on his wife’s phone and originally thought those communications were with a adult male. But what Dixon told him when he confronted her… was that she had been having relations with a 15-year-old boy who had been a former student that she had taught in a special needs class at Northgate… investigators determined that Dixon had been involved in the relationship with the 15-year-old for several months and had met him in different locations.

Last week, under’s profile of Barstool and EP, the first post of the comment section was from a McTrotsky:

The Globe missed one element of this site. It features a writer, Mr. Thornton, who delights in celebrating the sexual abuse of minors by female teachers, giving the teachers grades which celebrate depravity, defending their exploits and stating how the victim is “lucky.” … Please, take a look at how this cite features a writer who celebrates, encourages and applauds statutory rape. (We now pause for the excuse that it’s satire. It isn’t.)

Dear McTrotsky,

I’m going to assume by your screen name that you’re not a fan of either humor or the whole Free Speech thing, you pinko, totalitarian creep.  And while I don’t owe you crap, I’ll take a stab at explaining this to you, just for my own shits and giggles.  This isn’t satire.  It’s ridicule, dumbass. I’m not celebrating or defending the “abuse of minors.”  I’m mocking a sex-crazed nutjob like Dorothy Dixon for being so insanely horny that she’s sneaking behind her husband’s back to bang a 15 year old retarded kid.  This is something everyone gets but you, you fucking fascist.  Now to your point about me thinking this kid is “lucky”:  Don’t you?  You really think he feels like a “victim”? He’s a teenage special needs student who’s getting sexual attention from an adult woman.  I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything to you, but I’ll bet it does to the kid.  Do you think this boy has ever felt better about himself in his life? Newsflash: teenage boys are interested in sex.  And kids with mental challenges want to feel accepted and attractive.  And I’m sure Mrs. Dixon taking the kid all over creation to honk on his bone was the best thing that ever happened to this kid, who’s probably taken a lifetime of abuse from arrogant, self-important asswipes like you.  Because even special needs kids want more out of life than to be some humorless, thought-controlling internet commenter who’ll die alone.


Mr. Thornton

The Grades:
I don’t know… not terrible.  I mean, I suppose a better picture would do her more justice.  I am a little worried that her Jerod Mayo neck might be connected to a Vince Wilfork body.  I’ll split the difference and give her a Grade: C+.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: She did teach the kid to text and that counts for something.  Grade: A.
Intangibles: Just to piss off McTrotsky, I’m giving her Grade: A.
Overall: B-. Though I’m sure on the short bus she’s getting an A+.
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