COVINGTONA Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleader was indicted Thursday for allegedly having sex with a student when she was a teacher at Dixie Heights High School. A Kenton County grand jury indicted Sarah Jones of first-degree sexual abuse…[and]a charge of unlawful use of electronic devices to solicit illegal activity… Jones gained national attention in 2009 when she sued online gossip site and its operator, Nik Richie, after unflattering pictures of her appeared with allegations that she’d had sex with Bengals players and had two sexually transmitted diseases… The high school principal at the time even reviewed security camera footage after one post on the website alleged Jones was having sex in her classroom

Well, well, well.  The worm has certainly turned on Sarah’s lawsuit.  Like Dave wrote back in December, finding out she was banging her students wouldn’t be a real good look for her case against TheDirty.  It’s hard to argue you’ve been hurt by reports you’re boning NFL players when you’re accused of dragging your teenage students into the classroom and giving them the herp.  On a side note, has there ever been a squad that so accurately reflected the team they cheer for than the Ben-Gals?  Sex crimes, diseases, dissension between the natural boobed girls and the ones with implants?  They’re Cheer Team Turmoil.  God, no wonder Corey Dillon and Ochocinco wanted out of there so bad.

The Grades:
Eesh.  I try to grade these on the “If You Were 17 Would You?” standard, not the much less fair “NFL Cheerleader” standard.  And she doesn’t even get under that lowered bar. But she does get points for a nice body.  Grade: B-.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: If the worst you’ve been accused of is sex with the guys you cheer for but you’re hiding THIS in your closet, wouldn’t the smart thing be to just take your lumps, be the chick who got mentioned on TheDirty for the 24 hours it takes for everyone to forget about you and move on?  Also the chances that Ocho didn’t do this chick are about 2%.  I’m guessing getting into her pants is a lot less complicated than the Patriots offense.  Grade: B+.
Intangibles: How’s that old urban dictionary definition go?  If an older MILF who likes younger guys is a Cougar, what do you call a chick with a nice body with a bad face?  (i.e. nice uniform with an ugly helmet?)  A Bengal.  Grade: A.
Overall: B.
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