This one is a tough one to defend. I ripped Papelbon and Varitek for popping bottles in the North End after the Sox got eliminated by Baltimore. This one is 100 times worse. I mean really guys? The game hasn’t even been over ten seconds and every Patriots fan just had their heart ripped out of their lungs and you guys are on stage dancing shirtless?  We got enough shit to deal with right now without adding this to the mix.  Horrible, horrible look. Yeah I know Gronk Yo Soy Fiesta.  I know he just wants to get pussy, but this was dumb. Especially since he was such a non factor with his ankle injury.   There is a time and a place for everything.   This clearly wasn’t it.  He should have just had his bros bring some bitches back to his hotel room for him. But dancing shirtless on stage with Matt Light and LMFAO just makes it seem like you really don’t give a fuck. First bad move Gronk has made since he’s been here. Matt Light should flat know better. Kind of makes me want to puke.

PS – Imagine if Lebron did this after losing Game 7 to Dallas?  I’d still be talking about it.

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