Mediatakeout – Kim Kardashian spent the FIRST weekend in a LNG TIE apart from his new muse, Kim Kardashian. And while YEEZY was away . . . the Kardashian wil play. According to TWO separate spies, Kim Kardashian was at Harrah’s in Atlantic City hosting a pool party on Sunday. And there were a few celebs at the event . .. including New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. We’re told that Kim and Rob hung out for about 30 minutes, talking and flirting. And that before it was over, GRONK gave her his NUMBER.

Yeah I know this article doesn’t specifically say that Gronk fucked Kardashian, but at the same time he’s fucking Gronk so he obviously did. Good for him. I’d hate fuck that bitch too if given the opportunity. Hey Kanye you just got cuckholded. Deal with it.