Inside Track“ZoliOke” may have been New England Pat-riots punter Zoltan Mesko’s karaoke stage show, but Rob Gronkowski ran away with it. Because that’s just what he does! Gronk, the one-man fiesta, belted out LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” and one-hit-wonder Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby” after taking the stage at Royale over the weekend at Mesko’s benefit for Children’s Hospital. Bids were coming in fast and furious from revelers wanting to sing and dance with 87, who greeted the crowd with, “Hellllllo, ladies!” But, we wondered, can he rap? “Yeah, of course,” Gronk jokingly told the Track, when asked if he could rap. “Bobby G, you’ll wanna know me!”

What type of man grinds up on a chick at a children’s hospital event with a million cameras around and everybody watching your every move?  Gronk obviously.   I mean if he’s doing this when he knows the cameras are on him and still in a relatively sober state I can’t image what he was doing later in the night.  And I’m not talking about the shitty video of him rolling around on stage either.  I’m talking after this was over.   Don’t tell me Gronk has gotten conservative or gone soft either.  This is Gronk we’re talking about.  He’ll get shithoused and fuck a chick right in your face and not even blink.

PS – What’s the deal with that chick’s ass?  I think I kind of dig it.   Lots to grab onto and shit.

Double PS – Is that Greg Hill texting on the side of the stage?  Hey asshole…get off stage if you’re gonna fucking text.   Nobody paid 50 bucks to see your ugly mug acting bored up there.  If I were Zolton Mesko I would have pulled him off by his ear and smashed his phone to smithereens.